Angkor Sunrise  Biking Expedition

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Tour Details

 Duration: Approximately 7 hours

 Distance: 30-35 Km

 Difficulty: Moderate Ride

Price: $79.00

Number of Participants*


World class cycling routes that traverse scenic lands

Rise early in the morning to capture the best opportunity to see the morning glow at Angkor Wat. On your journey from Siem Reap to Angkor, you will join a steady stream of travellers all hoping to see a magnificent sunrise over the temples. Once you arrive, we will find a beautiful spot to see the stunning morning light rise up over the towers of Angkor Wat. Watching the sunrise at Angkor Wat is an iconic experience that will increase your appreciation for the ancient splendor of Angkor and the rich culture of Cambodia. After exploring the impressive central temple complex of Angkor Wat, we will enjoy a delicious breakfast outside of the temple. We will then begin to bike along quiet back roads, stopping periodically to admire the ruins of the Death Gate, Bayon, Elephant Terrace, Preah Khan, and Ta Prohm temple. There will be plenty of time to explore these incredible world heritage sites while learning about the fascinating history of Angkor from your knowledgeable tour guide.

Our Responsible Travel

Investing Locally

Cultural Respected

Saving Energy and Water

Protecting Wildlife

 Support Local Product

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Tour Features

Your Tour Guide


Our tour guides were charming, attentive, well spoken English and knowledgeable to share their experience with you. They were trained to give your trip more fabulous and eager to assure each person on the tour had a wonderful day. They are just not an expert of biking, but they intend to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure the travelers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of their trip.

Your Group


We are accepted from 1 person and the maximum group size of 8 people. In terms of keeping the best quality of our bike tour, we decided to range this tour with small group size as you will get your attention very closely with your tour guide.

Your Ride

The high quality of Giant XTC Slr 27.5 4 is essential conducted into your ride on this adventure tour. The bike comes with smooth rolling and high-performance through the red clay road, so we choose this mountain bike because that have the full suspension and durability to handle all the route with some off road adventures and mini challenging back roads depend on the path condition, safety helmet will be included on the tour. In other words, If you come with the group of 6 people, we will include the bike mechanic as they will follow you through the tour and ensure all the bike will keep the good quality.

Support Vihecle


In terms of striving our premium bike tour, the air-conditioned vehicle will be supported for  the whole trip. Don’t worry! If you run out of energy, you can take a break in the vehicle as it will follow you at the time of your riding.

Snacks and Drinks

Siem Reap Bike tour

We will include breaks and enjoy eating local snacks and fruits to regain your energy on the bike ride, plenty of pure drinking water will be provided on this tour as well and we also discover local foods, which you are welcome to try!

Note: Any soft drink and alcohol drink are not included on this tour, it will be your own expensed.


Siem Reap Bike tour

Meal is Khmer style in the local restaurant. You will taste a unique Khmer cuisine staples as this tour will include breakfast and lunch. We are guaranteed for the food with fresh vegetable and very healthy food. On the other hand, If you are a vegetarian, Don’t worry!  You just mention on your booking request, we will treat you with the vegetarian dish as you enjoy.

Kids’ Price


If you take your family together on this trip and we will have the special price for your children as the list below: Age 1 to 5 years – 50% off | Age 6 to 12 years – 30% off | Age 13 – 15 years – 10% off.  However, we will range the kids’ bike sizes,  trailers bike, child seat and tandem bikes for your family, so you just let us know that you are booking our tour and just request the bike for your kids.

Tour Itinerary

Angkor Sunrise Awaits
The tour will begin with a transfer from your hotel to Angkor Wat. An early morning start will allow us to reach the temple well before the sun comes up so that you can find the ideal spot to view the sunrise and take photos. From our place at the famous lotus pond, we will have the best opportunity to watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

Roaming Around Angkor Wat Complex
After the sun has risen, we will head into the inner sanctum of Angkor Wat to admire the carvings and architecture of the temple before having breakfast. We will then meet our bicycles and begin to explore the hidden trails around the temple complex. We will first visit the South Gate of Angkor Thom and then continue to the Death Gate which is covered in jungle.

At the Heart of Angkor Thom
Our next stop is Bayon temple. Make the most of your visit by seeing the very best sites of this temple with our experienced tour guide who will share with you the legendary stories of this ancient temple. After roaming around Bayon, we will take a short break to enjoy local fruits and snacks to keep your energy level up before getting on our bikes again and continuing to the Elephant Terrace.

Bike to Less Known Temples and Villages
We will then bike off the beaten track through the jungle on the way to Preah Khan temple. After that, we will visit a tiny village which is well known for its traditional handmade Khmer instruments before enjoying lunch at a local restaurant. Our last stretch of biking will take us to Ta Prohm temple so that you can learn about its unique history and marvel at its iconic tree roots which are engulfing the temple. We will return back to your hotel (specify by minivan or by tuk-tuk) at 2:30 pm.

Note: This tour does not include the ticket entrance fee. You need to have a ticket before the tour or you can buy your ticket at the tour start.
What to bring: sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, sensible cycling clothes, etc.
Tour Departure: 5:00am to 2:30pm, Daily

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