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    About Unique Adventure

About Us

Great team and unique company come together to welcome you to experience our bike adventure through Cambodia which is the most beautiful hinterland in Southeast Asia. By sharing our love and passion for cycling, we would like to welcome the opportunity to contribute our best bike service to all our guests and share our love with what we do. Our teams are all locals and definitely passionate to share their experiences in terms of distributing positive eco-friendly to their nation. Most of them come from many different sites in Cambodia and truly catering an unforgettable bike experience that will be last a lifetime. Join us on our tour means that you are supporting our unique team and unique company.

What make Unique Adventure great?


1. Local Operation

We proud to be the locals operation, we believe in our experience to save our community by creating more jobs opportunity to the locals as we are engaging our tour operation with local residence. We would like to establish ourselves in the valley and be involved with the locals and build up the social entrepreneurship to help our economic development .


2. Our Tour Guide

Our tour guides were charming, attentive, very good at language and knowledgeable to share their experience with you. They were trained to give your trip more fabulous and eager to assure each person on the tour had a wonderful day. In fact, they are just not an expert of riding, but they intend to offer completely enjoyable, comfortable and informative travel excursions that will ensure the travellers are thoroughly satisfied and appreciative at the end of their trip.


3. Unique Bike, Unique Ride

We are happy to share our travel experience and immerse local enrichment to the existing travel itineraries. We like to explore the new destination, the road less travel, and making them accessible on our adventure bike. In a way that suits your needs, our purpose is to create something completely unique for you, wherever you want to travel to, however, you want to do it, let’s begin with Unique Adventure.


4. Our Top Performance Bike

The high quality of Giant XTC Slr 27.5 4 is essential conducted into your ride on this adventure tour. These bikes come with smooth rolling and high-performance bike through red clay road, so we choose this mountain bike because that have the suspension and durability to handle the route with some off road adventures and mini challenging road depend on the road condition.